My Ten Year Investigation of the Mormon Church



There is a good reason why most people today have a much better understanding of the New Testament than they do of the Old Testament. The reason is very simple: much of what one encounters in the tales and legends of the Old Testament cannot be taught in Sunday School or regular Bible study classes. Though we all know the stories of Noah’s Ark or Moses’ parting of the Red Sea, most of us have never read the story of Jephthah or the Levite and his concubine, and, again, for very good reason.

The Old Testament You Didn’t Read in Sunday School reveals the sometimes sordid and shocking details contained in many of the accounts found in the Old Testament. To be blunt, depictions of murder, rape, incest and utterly overt violence are a common thing in the pages of the Old Testament. This book is designed to be the “entertaining”, informative reference guide to the lesser known stories of a number of Old Testament characters.

This book contains depictions of violence, sexuality, coarse language, and sordid literary stories. Reader discretion is advised.